Los Angeles Civil Litigation Attorneys

When a business or an individual refuses to treat you fairly or does you wrong, sometimes the only option you have is to take legal action. A successful civil litigation case should make it possible to halt whatever unwanted actions are occurring and/or to collect damages from the offending party. The details of each case are different, but with the help of a skilled civil litigation attorney you should be able to accomplish your legal goals.

Our firm covers works in a number of civil litigation areas, including:

Business Litigation

Taking legal action is sometimes a necessary part of doing business. Not ever business you work with will act honestly. When another company fails to honor an agreement, engages in unfair business practices or does something to damage your company, pursuing litigation may be a necessary step to correct the problem.

Contract Disputes

Contracts are one of the foundations of modern society, ensuring predictability and honesty across all industries. Unfortunately, even a contract is not always enough to guarantee adherence. We can help you deal with internal contract disputes or disputes with outside parties through the use of negotiation or litigation as necessary


It only takes a few false statements to create significant problems for your personal life or your business. We can put a halt to defamation and help you sue for damages. The faster you address defamation the better.

Injunctions and Restraining Orders

When you need to stop a business, organization or individual from taking specific actions an injunction or restraining order may be necessary. We can help you file a preliminary injunction now until your case is resolved and we can seek a permanent injunction as needed.


Just because your initial case was not successful does not mean you are out of options. If we can demonstrate that the initial verdict is incorrect for any reason an appeal may be possible.

Serving Los Angeles and Orange Counties

At R. Michael Collum, A Law Corporation, we understand what it takes to pursue a successful civil litigation case. Through a combination of thorough preparation and focused litigation, we can get you the results you need in your case.

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